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Water Wheel
Spring Pools
Backyard Pond
Wetland Pond
Swimming steps in a pond

3 creek



This very large site encompasses two existing lined ponds which were constructed by members of CWR 10 years ago. The restoration and additional construction for this project was extensive! We were able to install a recirculation system capable of pumping 1800 gpm and a well providing cold clean water. The lined streams start in two locations abutting to the house, one wetland filter area with a large wooden waterwheel and one architectural feature mimicking spring source pools. In all we added 3/4 of an acre of open water and wetlands to the site. 


•  Computer controlled pump system in buried vault

•  1/2 mile of fishing stream created

•  Underwater swimming steps for easy egress​
•  Unique liner challenges along foundation and bridges​
•  Multiple fish habitat structures and spawning areas added
•  Project Completion 2015​

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