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Rockwork creating cascading stream
Panorama of reflecting pool
Lone Peak sunset
Reflecting pool with vegitation
Falls in a rainstorm

High Alpine Ranch

Yellowstone Club, MT

High Alpine Ranch has a commanding view of Lone Peak and is  the largest ranch in the Yellowstone Club. Therefore the pond was designed to reflect Lone Peak and to be the deepest in the Club. A perfectly clear reflecting pool is seamlessly merged with a fully functioning ecosystem. Three bridges allow for property access and interaction with the water feature. 


• Two separate fully lined recirculating systems seamlessly merged

• Buried vault housing mechanical and water treatment system

• Liner integration into perched patio

• Spawning gravel for trout production
• Two variable flow re-circulation pump systems

• Fishing access to pond and stream 

• Project completion 2016
*Landscape design by Design Workshop 

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