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Mirror reflection of the Tetons
Landscape rock and spawning gravel
Recreation was the focus
Riffles and pools
Stepping stones and habitat.
Wrap around stream

Smith residence


This property was developed to maximize outdoor recreation. The family sees Jackson as a outdoor recreation meca and the property was developed to provide immediate access. The landscape design gently blended access for fishing, swimming, and water activities into the site plan. The pond and stream provide a fully functioning ecosystem focused on trout. Large rocks were included to provide swimming access and boat and paddle boarding access. 


• Fully lined pond and stream 

• Imported gravels for trout spawning and invertebrate habitat

• Stepping stones for swimming access

• Natural stepping stones for stream crossings
• 500 GPM re-circulation pump system

• Fishing access to pond and stream 

• Project Completion 2015
*Landscape design Agrostis Inc. 

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