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Benthic towed electrode
Benthic-array Cataraft
Cataraft mounted electrode array
Anode-cathode array switch
Benthic array on research vessel
Benthic array being assembeled
Automatic depth contouring davit

Electrofishing and

Sampling Equipment

People often think your nuts when you talk about electrofishing. "Electricity in water!" I'm out. The reality is that electrofishing has been a proven fish sampling method for decades. We are only now starting to modify this equipment for use in other fisheries work. With his experience at Montana State University and the Montana Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit (USGS) our fisheries biologist Peter Brown gained experience construction and modifying this equipment. We offer full design, repair and customization services for portable and boat mounted electrofishing equipment. 

Short video of a towed electrode array being tested

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